Thursday, December 18, 2008

Preschool Christmas Party

Today Riley had his school Christmas party with his class. It was so much fun and the kids were all so excited. I actually stayed the whole morning and helped the teachers get ready for the party. This was really fun because I got to see Riley interact with his friends and observe how his day goes. I thought at first he would want to sit with me and not sit with the class. That was not what happened at all. I just sat in the back and he followed along with what his teacher wanted him to do the whole time. It was so cute. I even got to see the sign language teacher have her session with the kids. That was really neat too. After morning activities, the party began.

Riley actually let me put something on him other than a t-shirt. I thought he looked so old in this picture....They started the party with some yummy food for snack.Then they did some activities, making a marshmallow snowman, decorating cookies, and making reindeer food.After the activities, they had a gift exchange. All the kids brought in a small gift to exchange with their friends. This is Riley picking his number for the exchange.
Opening their gifts.
After the gift exchange, several of Riley's classmate gave out goodie bags to all their friends. Riley did this as well. Here he is passing them out...


Anonymous said...

Riley does look so grown! We've got to slow these kids down!

Anonymous said...

Sorry--that anonymous was me!