Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun weekend with Grammy!

This weekend Shea and I had a Christmas party to go to, so my mom came to spend the night with Riley. Riley loves to spend time with Grammy, so my mom hung out for the day on Sunday. Our fun started out with making sugar cookies and then decorating them. Then, once it got dark, we headed to the Festival of Lights at Bull Run Park. It is a 2 mile long drive-thru light show that we go to every year. We really enjoy it and Riley was really into it this year, which made it all the more fun. At the end of the light show they have a winter wonderland festival set up with amusement rides, fire pits, a few craft stands and pictures with Santa. Even though Riley really wanted to ride some rides, it was way to cold for that, but we did visit with Santa. A few pictures of our day.....

Riley and GrammyCutting out cookies.Time to decorate!Don't they look yummy!Shea tried to get pictures of some of the light displays. This is the best he could do...Riley wasn't too excited about sitting on Santa's lap, but he was really excited about the reindeer, who was really cute actually!Finally Riley decided he would visit Santa, only if I sat on his lap too!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Preschool Christmas Party

Today Riley had his school Christmas party with his class. It was so much fun and the kids were all so excited. I actually stayed the whole morning and helped the teachers get ready for the party. This was really fun because I got to see Riley interact with his friends and observe how his day goes. I thought at first he would want to sit with me and not sit with the class. That was not what happened at all. I just sat in the back and he followed along with what his teacher wanted him to do the whole time. It was so cute. I even got to see the sign language teacher have her session with the kids. That was really neat too. After morning activities, the party began.

Riley actually let me put something on him other than a t-shirt. I thought he looked so old in this picture....They started the party with some yummy food for snack.Then they did some activities, making a marshmallow snowman, decorating cookies, and making reindeer food.After the activities, they had a gift exchange. All the kids brought in a small gift to exchange with their friends. This is Riley picking his number for the exchange.
Opening their gifts.
After the gift exchange, several of Riley's classmate gave out goodie bags to all their friends. Riley did this as well. Here he is passing them out...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Random pics....

Shea tried to get a few pictures of our outside lights. This is the best we could do...

These are an attempt at getting a good Christmas card picture. Not what I was looking for, but they came out cute so I thought I would share. We decided to go with a family shot instead. Thanks Bethany for taking the family pictures and tweaking them to look good!

Friday, December 12, 2008

A birthday party for Baby Jesus!

Yesterday at Riley's preschool they had a little birthday party for Baby Jesus. I was able to volunteer and I'm glad I did. It was so cute. Before everyone headed to the sanctuary, Santa made an appearence in each classroom to talk about the spirit of giving. Then all the classes met in the sanctuary to hear the nativity story, read by Mary holding Baby Jesus...One of the teachers who just had a baby played Mary with her newborn son as Jesus. After the story was read, the children all brought gifts for baby Jesus and placed them on the stage. His preschool then donated all the gifts to an area shelter for families in need. I thought that was a great idea! After they gave their gifts, they headed down to the fellowship hall {I helped hang the streamers:)} for snack, yummy cookies, after singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!


Last week we finished all the decorating we are doing this year. We have so much stuff that I only really put out what I'm in the mood to put out at the moment we decide to decorate. Does that make any sense :)? Anyway, one thing I always do is put up 3 trees. Ones only a table top one, but the other 2 are regular size. Riley was a big help with decorating this year and actually spread the ornaments out really well on the trees.Here is our fun tree....with colored lights, random ornaments and the train.This is our "nice tree".....with white lights and glass ornaments, set up in the dining room.Then we have our VA Tech tree.....a table top scene of Hokie Pride!!

A train for our tree!

I decided that with Riley's obsession with cars, trucks, trains etc., that this year would be a great year to get a Christmas train for our tree. I should have picked one up earlier in the season, because by the time I went to get one there were not too many to pick from. I just wanted something simple, and inexpensive since I knew it was going to get a lot of use :). I finally found this one.... .....and Riley loved it. He played with it nonstop when we first put it up. It didn't take him long to figure out how to work it and put it back on the track. Bentley even enjoyed it too!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Riley had an exciting day.

I picked Riley up from preschool today and he was so excited to tell me about his day. They went on a field trip to a local kids gym and from what Riley said, they had a fun time. Of course, how they got there was the highlight of the school bus! Yes, Riley is still obsessed with vehicles. It wasn't your typical yellow school bus though. It was a small little white bus, but Riley was still very excited he got to ride a bus. His mind was going a mile a minute and he was just talking the whole way Ms. Sandy(his teacher) was the bus driver, and that he got to sit with Jesse(his best friend at school) on the bus, and that the bus has wheels, and that it was so cool, and that they all yelled when they went over the railroad tracks. I knew he would be thrilled, but he was so excited. It was so cute. He continued to ramble on and started talking about "buses have wheels, and so do trucks, and my friend Mason has a truck with wheels, and I have a truck with wheels and Tanner has 2 four-wheelers with wheels so our 4 trucks all have wheels." Seriously, did he just do a math problem?! The way he just, without hesitation, said "our 4 trucks" really amazed me for some reason. How he counted them in his head that quickly is crazy to me. Then he starts naming all things that have wheels, "but not airplanes or helicopters." I told him that airplanes do have wheels and that they only come out when they take off and are going to land. Then he starts with, "the wheels come down to land, abajo and go up when it's flying, arriba. Abajo down, arriba up." Now the fact that he knows these spanish words didn't totally shock me because he loves to watch Dora, and these 2 specific words are used a lot in her shows. What did surprise me is that out of no where he used them, and correctly. I have never heard him use Spanish before this, except for an occasional word that he hears from Diego or Dora, but never really in regular conversation. I know that as part of his preschool curriculum they go to Spanish class twice a month or so. Maybe that is where he is learning to actually use the Spanish he knows. Just another reason why I love his preschool!