Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lunch with Grammy

All summer I have been telling Riley we would go visit Grammy at work for lunch, and this past Monday we finally did. Visiting Grammy in it self was going to be fun, but how we got there was just as exciting. We took the VRE(Virginia Railway Express) and it was great! I thought Riley would really enjoy going on a train ride, and since my mom works in DC, taking the commuter train worked out perfect. Even though I had to wake Riley up earlier than he is used to, since it is a commuter train and all and my kid is the worlds best sleeper, he still was really excited about the trip. Here he is waiting excitedly for the train to start rolling.....

Here we go!

Then for the next hour this is what he did......
"Look Mommy, I see a big tree! Look Mommy, I see a truck! Look Mommy, I see an airplane! Look Mommy, I see water! Look Mommy, I see buildings!" You can imagine all we saw on our hour long ride. The grumpy old business man across from us didn't seem to be as excited about what was out side his window. I guess that's what happens when you see it every day :).

We made it to our first destination, Union Station....
Then It was on to the Metro for a few stops to get to Grammy's building. Riley wanted to take a picture of the oncoming Metro train, not bad timing!
When we came up the stairs from the Metro, Grammy's building was right convenient! Riley thought the building was "really big."
It took Riley a minute to see Grammy in the window, but was excited when he finally did.
Hi Grammy!
So happy to see his Grammy!
Riley and Grammy relaxing in her office.
We had some time to kill before we had lunch, so Riley and I took a walk around the big city. (I'll post about that later.) After our walk, we met up with Grammy again and got some food. Since the VRE only runs certain times we had more time to kill until we caught our train. Grammy had to get back to work, so Riley and I headed to the National Aquarium. (I'll post more on this later too.) I had heard of this aquarium before, but didn't realize how close it was to my mom's office. After the aquarium, we headed back to the Metro and then onto Union Station to catch our return train back home. We were a little early, so we relaxed in the waiting area and Riley entertained himself with his new truck......Grammy had this truck on her desk, but you see who has it now!
We finally got on our train and Riley enjoyed his snack.Not 3 minutes after he finished his snack he was on my lap sound asleep! I knew he had to be tired from all the walking we did...I was exhausted! We had a great day though and will definitely do it again. Thanks to all my VRE riding friends who's tips for a successful trip were perfect and thanks Grammy for a great lunch!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our trip to the orchard.

Every year around this time I have wanted to take Riley peach picking. Peaches are one of my favorite fruits, especially fresh from the tree. This past Sunday we finally made the trip. Since it is nearing the end of peach season I was worried that there might not be any left. We decided to go to an orchard that was not too far away in case there was not much to pick. We were happy to find that there were plenty of peaches left and that some apples were ready to pick as well. After checking in and driving up to the top of the orchard, this is what we found......

Plenty of yummy, yummy peaches!

Riley and Shea took off to start picking.
Riley doing some picking.
We ended up filling the bottom of this whole box with mostly peaches and a few apples.
Since the apples were just coming into picking season, there were not too many trees to pick from just yet. By the time we started picking apples, most of the big apples were already picked from the lower levels. Riley needed a little help to get to the good apples.....
Even though we didn't stay too long, it was fun for our first time. The peaches were so good and even the ones that were on the smaller side were still so sweet. When we got home I searched the internet for the perfect peach cobbler recipe. I have tried to make it in the past and never end up liking the crust/topping part, so I tried to find one this time that sounded good. I knew I had finally found the one when at the top it said "I've been experimenting with cobbler for some time and this recipe is the final result. Loved by all." Lets just say it didn't last but 2 days in this house. It was awesome! Here is the first one.....I say first because tonight I will be making another one. Gotta use up the peaches before they go bad, right?!
It kind of looks burnt in this picture, but that's just the yummy cinnamon sugar topping! I'll be sure to let you all know how the second one turns out.

A yard sale like no other.

This past Saturday we helped our friends Kyle and Bethany with their yard sale, but it wasn't just your average yard sale at all. It was a yard sale to raise money for their upcoming adoption of a baby girl from Russia. (You can follow their adoption journey and read more about the yard sale here.) They have been raising money over the past several months to help cover the expenses related to international adoption. They collected items to sell at the yard sale from anyone who wanted to donate, trying to get as much stuff to sell as possible. It turned out that the community support was so amazing and they collected so much stuff to sell that they ended up making over $2500!! When they contacted The Washington Post to put an ad in about the sale, they did an article instead! We were so excited to be a part of this amazing event. We are so excited for Kyle and Bethany and their family and can't wait until they can bring baby Addison home!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another busy weekend......a preview.

Our schedule this weekend was once again packed full of fun! It started off on Sat. with our friend's amazing yard sale, followed by Riley's friend Scott's 4th birthday pool party. Sunday started with another stop over at the yard sale and then we were off to pick our own peaches and apples. Monday, Riley and I headed into DC by train to meet my Mom for lunch.

In the next few days, look for more detailed posts of our weekend fun!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My boy is so sweet.

This morning as I was getting ready, Riley was sitting on my bed asking me his usual morning questions.....(a little background, I watch our friends 2 kids 4 days a week and we see them often on weekends.)

R:"Is Mason and Payton coming today?"
Me:"Yes, they will be here shortly."
R:"Mason is my friend, Tanner is my cousin."
Me:"Yes, that is right" (A few months ago we were discussing the difference between friends and family.)
Me:"What about she your friend?"
R:"No, she's my girl!"

I thought that was so cute. I used to tell Riley secrets and I would whisper to him that he was my sweet boy or silly boy or whatever and he would whisper back that I was his girl. I guess I have been replaced!

Here they are watching a show together,
right before she gave him a kiss!

Here they are pretending to go to school.

Off to catch the school bus!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

PW County Fair 2008

Last Sat. Riley and I went to the Prince William County Fair and had a blast(Shea was out of town). We met up with some friends, which made it even better. Riley was mostly into the rides, which he loved last year as well, so I got him a wrist band to ride all day. He loved it! He definitely got his moneys worth. Here are a few of the rides.......can you guess which was his favorite?

The main event that night was the Motorcross show where guys on dirt bikes fly up huge ramps and then do crazy tricks in the air. It was really exciting and Riley was somewhat into it, but got bored after about 30 min....he wanted to go back to the rides, so we did. This was at the beginning before the thrill wore off.....

Here are a few of what they are looking at, pretty cool huh?!

We ended up staying until after 10pm and I think Riley would have stayed longer if I wasn't so tired :)! I had had my share of the PWC Fair by then. It was a really fun day though and Riley can't wait for next year.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We have a virus!

No not Riley.......the computer! It just happened yesterday and we are in the process of getting it fixed. Basically we need to reformat our whole computer. Luckily we have a wonderful friend who is an amazing computer guy and has helped us twice now at getting our computer to work again(Skinner, we love you!) This time though he says it's bad, we have a virus and it's bad. Did I say it's bad? We have known for awhile that we needed to reformat, but have just been putting it off. A few hours ago we couldn't even get on the internet, but our friend saved the day! So, I thought while it is still working, or working again for the time being, that I would let you all know that I might not update for a little while. Not that I have been keeping up with this as much as I would have hoped, but I am trying to get into blogging, really I am :)! I really do want to share with you all our fun time at the PW County Fair, our crazy garden, my attempt at being a photographer and much more, but it's just going to have to wait. I will try to get some blogging in tomorrow.....let's just hope I can log on again!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Riley's 1st Dentist Visit

Riley had his first dentist visit on Monday and he did great! Aside from the 14 pages of paperwork that I had to fill out while trying to keep Riley from climbing all over the waiting room chairs and asking really loudly why the man was sleeping (obviously he had been there a while) and then announcing to everyone that was not sleeping that he had to pee, it went really well. Thankfully they called us back after only a few minutes, which felt like an eternity to me, and Riley was soon on his best behavior.....being scared will do that to you I guess. After a bit of bribing and a lot of patience the hygienist(sp) was able to count all his teeth, look for cavities (he has none, yea), and polish them, only after she showed him that it wouldn't hurt by polishing his nails first....oh, and taking off her mask! Riley was not liking the mask. He sat on my lap for the whole thing and I actually started out doing the polishing and then the hygienist took over. After she was done with the top, Riley realized that the toothpaste was too minty for him and she had to finish the rest without the paste. I was just happy he let her come near him at all at that point. Then the actual dentist came in for the exam and Riley was having nothing to do with him, even after he took off the mask. The dentist must not have had kids because he had zero patience with Riley and basically after about 2 minutes told me that we would have to try again in 6 months to do the exam part of the visit and walked out. I guess he thought all 3 year olds were just going to lay back and let some strange man shine a light in his eyes and then stick a pick and mirror thing in his mouth just because he demands him too. Not gonna happen, not with Riley at least. At that point I was so happy that Riley let them polish his teeth that I didn't even fight him to sit still and told the dentist we would reschedule. Next time it won't be with him though! Actually, I found out after we got there that the dentist I had originally made the appointment with, and the one who is great with kids, called out and someone else was filling in for him. I'll make sure next time that we actually get the kid friendly guy.

So, since I had to keep with my promise/bribe we headed to Target after the dentist to "get anything you want. " I was just trying not to make a scene, what can I say :)! After searching for the perfect toy, do you want to know what he picked out? Out of all the toys at Target, this is what he picked.......

Of course, more matchbox cars......yes another garbage truck. Hey, I'm not complaining. I can handle a couple of $.99 cars any day, but seriously, do we need anymore of these........

Gretchen Wilson

My mom had 2 tickets to the Gretchen Wilson concert at Wolf Trap for Sat. Aug. 9th and she asked me to go. We had a blast! It was so fun and if you have never been to Wolf Trap you need to go. I had been there before, a while ago, and had forgotten how nice a venue it is. We actually had lawn seats, but decided it would be better for both our backs to up-grade to the regular stadium seats. We were not sure if any good seats would be left since we traded them the night of the concert, but there were! Look how close we are.....

We were only about 20 rows from the stage and almost right in the middle, perfect view. Here we are before the show...
Gretchen put on a good show, even though she is known to be a little rowdy and Wolf Trap is not really a rowdy venue, so she did the best she could with the crowd she had. There was definitely an interesting mix of people to say the least. Here are a few pictures from the night. My camera doesn't do too well when you zoom in, so they are kind of blurry.

Thanks for a fun night Mom!!


Not only was Aug. 8th just a great date to have a party, it was also my nephew Tanner's 3rd birthday and the start of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Sounds like a great reason to have a party to me! My sister-in-law, Judie, thought so too. Actually, I think this party was in the works pretty much from the day Tanner was born, back in 2005, when Judie realized that he would be turning 3 on cool! The party was at my brother Eric's house and there was lots of good food, a pinata for the kids and a moon bounce for......well everyone actually. I love moon bounces. It even had a slide in it! Here is a slide show of some of the days activities.........

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Even though it was Tanner's actual birthday on the 8th, the party was more of a great day to celebrate, not really a birthday party. So, since Riley had a sleepover with Tanner, and Shea and I stayed too, we stayed for lunch on Sat. and had cake for dessert! A 3 year old can't have a birthday without cake, right?! The cake.......

Blowing out the candle......

and one of Tanner's little brother, Tegan......just because he's so cute!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy busy weekend!

Since this past Friday we have been super busy. Stay tuned for all the details on our 8-8-08 celebration, my nephew Tanner's 3rd birthday, the Gretchen Wilson concert at Wolf Trap with my mom, and Riley's first dental appointment!


Some people have contacted me saying they want to leave a comment, but don't have an account or don't want to get one. Now you can! I didn't know that I had to change the setting to let anyone comment, not just account holders. I have made the change, so comment away. When you click on comment under the post there should now be an option to comment anonymously. You will still have to type in the security word, but it should still let you post.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Riley's Photo Shoot

Riley really hasn't been into taking pictures, or staying still long enough to take one, so a few weeks ago I bribed him into a photo shoot. We had just got back from the pool and he looked so grown up to me and so cute with his hair all a mess and his surf shirt I decided to try and get some good pictures. This is what I got...........

Riley's new backpack!

Just writing the title to this post almost brings me to tears! You might think this sounds crazy, but the reason behind why Riley got a new backpack is because he will be starting preschool this Sept. I can't believe that he is already 3 1/2 and such a big boy. I'm not sure who is more excited though, Riley or me!!! Lets just hope he is still excited come Sept. 9th. Anyway, to get Riley all into going to school I had him pick out his own backpack. A couple weeks ago we got a L.L.Bean catalog in the mail. Riley was looking through it and saw the backpacks so I had him pick one out. I thought this was perfect since we could get his name on it and they make a Jr pack just for preschoolers. (They would have put a label on it anyway at school, just thought I would help them out.) Ever since I ordered it Riley has been looking for the mail man to bring him his backpack. Yesterday was the day! He was so excited, especially since it had his name on it. When he spotted his name he said "Look R-I-L-E-Y, that spells Riley! That's me!" He wore it around for a while last night and today he was pretending to go to school, but of course not until he filled his pack up with his Matchbox cars. Here's a few pictures........

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So.....I guess this is the official start to my blogging adventure! I hope to keep up with this as much as possible and I'm super excited to be able to share with everyone all the fun things about raising a truly amazing son! Every day Riley seems to be getting into something new or learning more and more and I always want to share it with everyone.......and now I can! He is growing up so fast, too fast it seems, and I hope through this blog that those of you that we don't see as often as we would love to can at least keep up with what we are doing. That is if I remember to blog, right?!! I still have a lot to learn about this crazy blogging world, but I did manage to change the background from a standard one and added a picture. I was really excited about that and I'm sure I will change it around whenever I figure everything out, but for now I'm just happy that I have my first post!