Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Fun

Back in June.......Riley and I met up with my friend Melanie, and her two daughters Cheyenne and Jaydenne, at a local water park. It was a nice sunny day and a perfect way to start off the summer. The kids had a blast, especially afterward getting ice cream! A few pictures from our super fun day......

Melanie and her girls.
Riley and Cheyenne enjoying their treat.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Riley finished up his first year of preschool June 9th, 2009. Riley loved school and we couldn't have asked for better teachers. First, we had a wonderful graduation breakfast with his class followed by a very informal ceremony where his teacher handed out awards and certificates and talked about the year. Then it was back to the classroom for one last party and some pictures.

Last day of preschool!
BreakfastSigning the Pledge of Allegiance to start the ceremony, so cute.
(His teacher was really into sign language and they had practiced this all year.)Getting his certificate.His class.With assistant teacher, Ms. MaureenWith his teacher, Ms. SandyBest friend at school, MaxMommy's proud graduate!Pre-Kindergarten.....Here We Come!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hilton Head (May 2009)

Every year, some of Shea's extended family invites us to spend the week with them at their house in Hilton Head, SC. We did not get to go last year, so we were very excited about this years trip. Riley couldn't wait to go to the beach and we were excited to spend time with family. It turned out to be an interesting week. We ended up having a great time, but I can pretty much sum the week up with these two pictures.....From the time we got there late Sat. night to the time we left the following Sat. morning, Riley had a fever......oh, and it rained everyday. Sometimes all day. Shea and I were also dealing with our own allergy issues as well. The good thing is, is that when Riley is sick, he is great. A fever never really seems to slow him down much. So we made the most of our week, getting out as much as possible (including taking Riley to Urgent Care.....upper respiratory/sinus infection) and spending time with family, which we always enjoy doing. A slide show of some of the fun we had......

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Another fun thing we found to do was a children's museum called The Sandbox. We have wanted to go every other year we have been down there, but never had the time (because we have always been on the beach :), because it has always been nice and sunny.) So this year we decided to check it out, along with everyone else on the island trying to stay dry. We waited about a half hour to get in, but it was worth the wait. Riley had a blast! See for yourself......
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Friday, May 15, 2009


This spring, Riley was finally old enough to start t-ball. In our local league, they actually have a pre t-ball called blastball for 4 year olds, which is what Riley is playing for now. In the fall he will play regular t-ball. In blastball, there are only 6-7 kids on a team, instead of like 14-15. Shea is Riley's coach and is having so much fun. Two of our friends are the assistant coaches, which makes it all that much more fun for everyone. I can't believe that my little boy is starting to play t-ball already. It has been so much fun watching him play on a team with other kids and to see his daddy coach him. Riley really loves to play and asks everyday if he has a game. Shea and I are so happy that he is so excited about playing.....since Shea grew up playing baseball and I softball. He seems, for now, to be following in our footsteps which we can't be more happy about. Here are some pictures form Opening Day and his first game......

Ready for Opening Day!
Hanging out with his teammates.
"Introducing.....The Gray Foxes!"
{we didn't pick our color or our name :)}Later in the day, they had their first game. We only had 2 out of 4 practices because of the rain, so we didn't really know what to expect from the team. They all did great!! This is pretty much what happened after the ball was hit, every time :)........All 7 kids would run after the ball and dive on it, in a big pile. It was hysterical! they were having so much fun. Shea quickly realized though what he had to work on with them....staying in your spot until the ball comes at least near you, then you can get it :).
Riley getting ready to bat...
Good hit!After every game, the team gets a snack(pizza) and soda. The kids love their after game snack just as much as playing the actual game!
My little slugger!

Easter Day

For the past couple of years now, we have gone to church on Easter morning, with my mom, and then out to lunch afterward. This year we decided to do the same. After lunch my mom came back to our house to hang out and we hid more eggs for Riley to hunt. He loves egg hunts and it was such a nice day, so we hid them all over the backyard and he had a blast.

Outside of church.
Riley was super excited to see the Easter Bunny for lunch. He wasn't there last year so it was a nice surprise.
Riley and Grammy
Not a bad picture of the two of us :)!"I see one!!""Look at all my eggs!"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Easter Eve Fun

On Saturday of Easter weekend, we got together with family at my brother Eric's house. We had a great time and Riley really enjoyed spending time with all his cousins. My mom set up her annual egg hunt which all the kids enjoyed.We tried to take some family pictures, but Riley was not really in the mood to sit still for very long. This is the best we could do.....I did happen to get a good picture of my brother Don and his family, and a decent one of me and my brothers though.

Jessie, Callie, Don and CheriMe, Don, and Eric

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pre-Easter Fun

Our Easter festivities this year started early. With a visit from Mamaw and Papaw in mid-March came a huge Easter basket full of toys and candy. Riley was super excited....I can't believe I didn't get one picture :(. Then that next week we had our annual egg hunt at Frying Pan Park with Judie, Tanner and Tegan and some friends. Even though it was a little rainy and cold, everyone still had fun.

Waiting for the hunt to begin.
Riley found a special numbered clear egg!!
Checking out all our goodies.
Riley's number matched this cute little lamb.
The first week of April brought the much anticipated annual Easter Box from Auntie Donna. Riley loves getting his own packages in the mail and gets so excited to see them sitting on the front stoop waiting for him.
Ready to open!
Super excited about the bunny....he actually still sleeps with it every night.
Second most exciting thing!
Thanks Auntie Donna!